Green Tea Benefits

Green Tea Benefits

The Eastern part of the world has long been concerned with the health benefits of green tea, including the aid of weight loss. Green tea is one of the healthiest drinks on earth due to the overabundance of EGCG in the leaves. When used on a daily basis, it is known to help fight cancers and heart disease as well as lowers cholesterol, prevents diabetes and stroke and even helps to prevent dementia.

Weight Loss Factors
When using green tea for weight loss, the studies that have been completed should say it all. In the East where green tea is a daily drink for most families, green tea is known by outcomes of studies to help speed up the metabolism and oxidize fat out of the system. This is due to the antioxidant EGCG, which has been proven to aid in the thermogenic process the body goes through. When fat is taken into the body, the metabolism tries to distribute it to the areas that need it most. If all areas are completely full, the body then stores the fat in areas it is not needed. Fat is actually healthy for a human body, it is essential for the heart and brain functioning, among its other many useful causes for being in the system. However, too much fat in the system puts a strain on the heart and all organs in the body.

The thermogenic process starts when food or drink is taken into the body. The body raises its temperature so that the food or drink is processed in the stomach. Once the body has pulled all the nutrients and vitamins it can use from the body, it will then send the rest to be stored or disposed of. If you already have fatty deposits, the body automatically sends more to join it. The EGCG in green tea speeds up the process that makes food go through the system. This in turn causes the body not to store fat, but to use the fat that is already in the system. When the body is not being fed fat from the thermogenic process, it uses the fat already stored. This helps to create noticeable weight loss in short periods of time. The less fat you take in over a 3 week period, the more weight loss you will have while using green tea in your diet.

Health Effects
Although many people in Japan and China use green tea as a daily part of life, some people across the world have not followed suit. The United States is now known as the fattest nation in the world, so it would benefit many Americans to simply buckle down on fast food and drink more green tea. Green tea is used to help prevent skin cancer, and actually conditions the skin to help hold off signs of aging. Many Chinese and Japanese women look much younger than American women of the same age who have not had plastic surgery. This is due in part to the intake of green tea on a daily basis. No matter your age, green tea can be very beneficial. It is never too late to start taking an active interest in your health and well being.

EGCG is not always available to the body, and we do not always use all the EGCG in the body. In order to help the body absorb and use the EGCG, it is best to incorporate some type of physical activity on a daily basis. EGCG boosts the metabolism, so it makes sense that in order for it to be used the metabolism has to be forced to work as well. Eating well rounded meals, 3 a day for most, and 5-7 small meals a day for diabetics is recommended. This will not only help to rid the body of hunger and cause eating due to boredom or habit, but it also helps to keep the metabolism working. As long as there is food or drink in your system, the metabolism is working.

The more healthy foods and drinks you take in, the more the metabolism has to work. If you only take in junk food and fast foods as well as coffee and caffeine, the metabolism only works about half the time it needs to. This is because there are very little nutrients to be removed from junk foods or caffeinated drinks. So the metabolism does not work, and therefore the body stores all the fat from the foods you take in. The healthier foods such as fish and whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, help to keep the metabolism working. Pulling the nutrients and vitamins from these foods takes longer, and therefore more fat energy has to be used by the body to finish. This pulls fat from the storage that your body has created, and helps you to lose weight.

Daily Consumption
Green tea should be taken in daily, in a minimum of 3 glasses a day or 4 cups a day. This is in addition to the 10 glasses of water daily that is recommended to stay hydrated. Keeping the body hydrated will help to lose weight also. If the body feels that it is not taking in enough liquids, it will hold on to the liquids in the system and create water retention until enough liquids are replaced. It is healthier to drink 10 glasses of water a day and drink 4 glasses of green tea than it is to go on a balanced diet and only drink 3 glasses of water a day.

Remember that when using green tea for all the health benefits, it is best to watch the caloric and fat intake. Green tea has no calories or fat, but other foods you may partake of will. Use a food diary and write down the amount of calories and fat from each food for 3 days. This will give you an idea as to what your daily diet consists of. Cut the fat and calories down to half, but going no less than 900 calories a day. This will help you to lose the weight in conjunction with green tea.